Protocol Definitions

Community Fee

This is a percentage of the value of the services provided by the Professional, which is retained for the Treasury. The fee collected is used for the collective benefit of all Community members.

Community Token

This is a form of cryptocurrency rewarded to the Professional with each received payment. It serves as an access key to certain areas or services provided to the community, or alternatively, it can be used as a governance token if the community intends to eventually become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).


This defines the service provision relationship between the Professional and the Contractor. Within the protocol, either party can establish a Contract, which then facilitates payment processing.


Refers to the record of a specific skill or knowledge required to provide the service associated with the Contract. Each skill record will have a corresponding financial total associated with it, representing the total monetary amount received from Contracts that required a certain skill. Badges are subsequently created based on these skills.


This commercial document details a payment related to the Contract established between the Contractor and the Professional. An invoice includes the value of the services provided, the Community Fee, a description of the services, associated skills, and payment information.


This denotes the transfer made by the Contractor to the Protocol for the payment of an invoice. The Protocol is responsible for managing the split, transferring the value of the Community Fee to the Treasury, the Protocol Fee to the Protocol's wallet, and the remainder to the Professional. In addition to this, Community Tokens are transferred to the Professional.


These serve as Proof of Experience that can be minted by the Professional in the form of an NFT, which records the skills and their indices. Badges primarily act as a means to verify these skills.

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