Market Fit

Kyōdō Protocol is a holistic solution designed to bridge the gap between businesses, freelance professionals, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This protocol addresses inefficiencies in conventional recruitment processes, promoting transparency, trust, and active engagement among all stakeholders, while ensuring data privacy and security.


In today's market, freelance professionals, solo entrepreneurs, and job seekers often face obstacles when it comes to locating high-quality job opportunities, proving their skills, and demonstrating their previous work experience without compromising their privacy. Meanwhile, companies struggle to authenticate prospective employees' qualifications without exposing sensitive data and find ideal candidates in a timely manner.

In areas with high demand, such as software development, these challenges are magnified. Traditional resumes and hiring practices fail to efficiently match talent with business needs, leading to wasted time and resources for all involved. Additionally, the risk of data breaches and misuse of personal information in traditional systems is a growing concern.


The Kyōdō Protocol, integrated with ZKP, tackles these issues by offering a decentralized, blockchain-driven solution that streamlines interaction between businesses, professionals, and communities. It facilitates the talent discovery process, provides a means to verify work experience securely using ZKP (allowing professionals to prove their credentials without revealing the specifics), and promotes community participation through token-based incentives. This ensures a trustless, efficient, and privacy-focused ecosystem for all stakeholders.

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