Service Provider

The Kyōdō DAO is governed by its members without a designated general partner, therefore it relies on a service provider to carry out a variety of administrative tasks on behalf of the members.


  • Compiling and distributing yearly financial statements
  • Authenticating information pertaining to partnerships
  • Overseeing the development of the protocol
  • Driving the business development efforts
  • Implementing proposals approved by members
  • Managing administrative tools

From a legal perspective, the service provider assumes the role of the DAO's director.


The Kyōdō DAO and its members are collectively responsible for all costs and expenses associated with the activities, operations and maintenance of the DAO as described in the operating agreement. This also includes paying fees to the service provider.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for these services will be proposed by the service provider and ratified by the members through an on-chain voting mechanism.

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