Kyōdō DAO serves as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) committed to promoting the growth and development of the Kyōdō Protocol as a viable business. The Kyōdō DAO provides an open platform for KYD token holders to submit and vote on various proposals.

Possible proposals may include:

  • Building collaborative partnerships
  • Addressing aspects related to protocol development
  • Project-based investment prospects
  • Suggesting changes to tokenomics


We envision a world with self-sustaining communities that generate substantial value and benefits for their members.


Our mission is threefold: empower communities with robust business models, help professionals land their dream jobs, and enable companies to efficiently attract top talent.


  • Kyōdō DAO differs from conventional corporate structures. It does not have a standard management team or workforce. Rather, it is an entity of KYD token holders.
  • Kyōdō DAO's governance is based on a democratic model, with each member being able to propose possible partnerships, potential investments, and improvements in product development. The acceptance or rejection of these proposals is also determined by the vote of the members.
  • While Kyōdō DAO operates independently, it does utilize a service provider to manage various administrative tasks.

This documentation has been inspired and modeled on BitDAO docsopen in new window.

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