This refers to a set of software running in a decentralized manner, operating through smart contracts on supported networks. The Protocol is the only part of the system that runs on-chain.


This refers to a set of software that operates centrally, hosted on servers managed by the company providing the Protocol service. These systems can be replaced by alternatives developed either by third parties or by the community itself.


This is a unique entry record saved within the protocol, representing a business entity, whether a Professional or a Contractor. This is after a process of KYC (Know Your Client) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks. Each Professional and Contractor can only have a single Identity within the system. The Identity is linked to a legally recognized document in the country where the company document is registered. Individuals cannot establish Identities within the protocol.


This is the public address of a wallet on the blockchain of one of the networks used by the Protocol. A single Identity can have multiple Wallets linked to its record.


This is the community wallet where funds related to the Community Fee are directed.

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