The protocol, enhanced with Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), offers a wide range of benefits for all parties involved. The communities gain a sustainable business model and a strategy to attract professionals. Professionals obtain Proof of Resume, community benefits and, in cases of DAOs, a stake in the community. Contractors gain a tool for efficient hiring and management, all while ensuring data privacy and security.

In essence, the Kyōdō Protocol offers a unique alternative to the traditional hiring process. It uses blockchain technology, combined with ZKP, to create transparent, efficient, and mutually beneficial relationships between professionals, communities, and businesses without compromising sensitive information.

For the Community

The Community benefits from ensuring a sustainable business model, which is achieved by facilitating the hiring of its members by third parties. This business model revolves around maintaining a vibrant and engaged community, offering the sector an optimized recruitment and selection service, and using the resources generated to provide benefits to its Members and the Professionals hired.

  • A sustainable business model
  • A reliable source of recurring revenue
  • An effective approach to attract professionals in the same field
  • Enhanced member engagement through job opportunities
  • Sustained growth and development
  • Enhanced data privacy and security with ZKP

For Professionals

Professionals stand to gain numerous benefits by choosing to receive their remuneration through the Protocol. The individual not only reaps the benefits extended by the community, but also, in the case of DAOs, gains a stake in the business. The aim is to keep the Community Fee lower than those usually charged by market intermediaries, reducing barriers for Professionals who choose to have their payments from Contractors processed through the Protocol.

  • Access to community benefits
  • Proof of Resume backed by ZKP, ensuring privacy
  • Skill badges, weighted based on the financial value received, verifiable with ZKP
  • Use of a robust billing tool
  • Enhanced data privacy
  • In the case of DAOs:
    • Stake in community ownership
    • Governance over Treasury holding Community Fees (equivalent to owning a share of PayPal)

For Contractors

Contractors stand to gain significantly in their quest to hire freelancers or independent professionals. The Protocol, with the integration of ZKP, streamlines the recruitment and selection process, allowing contractors to have access to a Community of professionals who share a common area of expertise. This facilitates the process of finding the ideal candidate in one place, without compromising on data privacy.

  • Access to community benefits for the hired professionals
  • Proof of hiring with ZKP validation
  • Efficient payment gateway
  • A comprehensive tool for searching and selecting professionals
  • Access to a detailed record and management system of previous hires, with ZKP ensuring data privacy
  • Enhanced trust and security in the hiring process
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