Freelancers, independent entrepreneurs, and job seekers often face difficulties in locating quality job opportunities and validating their experience and work history in the job market. The traditional methods of verification expose personal details, leading to privacy concerns.

The conventional resume, with its static information and potential for embellishment, is no longer an effective tool. Moreover, the era of companies keeping static profiles of each potential candidate is over, primarily due to the risks associated with data breaches and misuse of personal information.

Companies, for their part, often struggle to confirm that potential hires actually have the necessary skills and the relevance of their previous work experiences. Traditional verification processes are time-consuming, error-prone, and invasive in terms of privacy.

In addition to the resume issue, there is also the challenge in the matchmaking between companies and professionals. Often, the ideal person does not appear on a company's radar, and companies end up taking a long time to find the necessary professionals within the desired timeframe. This process could be streamlined with a system that verifies credentials without exposing the details behind them.

In sectors such as software development, where the demand for professionals significantly exceeds the supply, this problem is intensified. The need for a secure, private, and efficient verification system is paramount.

Communities present a potential solution to this issue. A community is a collective of individuals with shared interests, objectives, values, or geographical areas. They interact and cooperate, establishing social bonds and forming a communal identity. However, for these communities to be effective in bridging the gap between companies and professionals, a trustless verification system is essential.

For companies looking for talented professionals, communities equipped with Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) can be a goldmine. ZKP allows professionals to prove their credentials without revealing the specifics, ensuring privacy and reducing the risk of data breaches. For professionals, communities offer not just knowledge and opportunities but also a secure platform to showcase their skills without compromising on privacy.

Communities are usually founded by passionate professionals who devote their time to their interests, seeking financial rewards, social acknowledgment, and reputation. However, these professionals do not always consider a viable business model that can financially support community activities and generate sufficient incentives to keep members active. Creating and maintaining a business model for communities is a huge challenge, and integrating ZKP can add value by attracting privacy-conscious professionals and companies.

Within this scenario of contracting companies, professionals, and communities, the Kyōdō Protocol solution, enhanced with Zero Knowledge Proofs, emerges as the beacon of trust and privacy.

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