KYD Token

The KYD Token is the official token of the Kyōdō Protocol.


It's crucial to understand that the KYD token is not a security token and should not be viewed as one. It carries no financial value and is not an investment asset. For further details, refer to our legal disclaimers.

  • Name: Kyōdō Token
  • Token Symbol: KYD
  • Maximum Supply: 100,000,000
  • Network: To Be Decided (possibly Avalanche)

$KYD Token Address

⚠️ Please note that the KYD token has not yet been minted and is not currently listed on any exchanges.


The KYD Token functions as a Governance Token, allowing its holders to participate in the DAO's decision-making process. This includes the ability to vote and submit Signal and Core Proposals.

Keep in mind that implementing governance will happen gradually and in stages. Initially, the Kyōdō Protocol founders will make all the decisions, which will later transition to community-led decision-making.

Voting power is proportional to the number of KYD tokens held - one KYD token equals one vote. Thus, the more KYD tokens a holder has, the more influence they wield within the DAO.

This influence extends to Treasury decisions as well as the direction of future developments and integrations.

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